"The techniques of the Way of Peace change constantly; every encounter is unique, and the appropriate response should emerge naturally.


Today's techniques will be different tomorrow. Do not get caught up with the form and appearance of a challenge.


The Art of Peace has no form - it is the study of the spirit."


Morihei Ueshiba, excerpted from

"The Art of Peace - Teachings of the Founder of Aikido"

translated by John Stevens

Classes Temporarily Suspended

As people training in the ways of the warrior, we are charged with the responsibility of preparing for any contingency. With the health and well being of students and friends, their families, and the wider community in mind, we have suspended classes until further notice. Please check here for further updates.

We wish you the best of fortune and look forward to training with you in the near future. Be well, be safe, be happy!

For more information please contact us at contact@kodokanaikido.com or call 336-528-4523